I was born in South Africa in 1986 and lived there for 16 years.  I moved to the United States in December of 2002, and I have lived in Oklahoma ever since. I have an Associates Degree from Oklahoma City Community College in Diversified Studies and transferred to the University of Oklahoma, as a junior, in the spring semester of 2015.


I am majoring in philosophy for a couple of reasons. One is because of a gift I received from a professor in the past. He provided me with the tools necessary to think for myself. Since then, I have used those tools to redefine who I am. In the future, I would like to refine these tools into principles which I can use to practice inside a profession where they might prove beneficial to those around me.
The other reason I chose my major is that I enjoy thinking and reasoning.

I feel the extent to which people disagree about something is the extent to which they lack the ability or willingness to consider each others ideas. I think it is essential that conversations lead to a reasonable synthesis of those ideas, at least when they aren’t contrary. This is one possible way in which the outcome of a conversation can be fruitful for both parties.

My interest in thinking has exposed me to what is now commonly referred to as The God Debate. The scholars who are concerned with this, primarily of philosophy, science, and theology, have had many conversations and arguments which are available online, and which are extremely stimulating intellectually.  Among my favorites are Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and Richard Dawkins.

The goal I have set for my time at the University of Oklahoma is to find some useful tools that encourage resolution of disagreement when engaging in any type of discourse.

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