Loess Plateau Revived

Loess is a type of fine soil. The Loess Plateau, an area in China roughly the size of France, is composed mainly of this type of soil. Due to millennia of destructive influences, primarily from deforestation and cattle grazing, this area had destabilized providing challenging, unsustainable living conditions for its fifty million inhabitants. During the 1990’s, however, China and the World Bank formed an opposition to this challenge.

After ten years and an estimated 491 million dollars, with the help of the locals, the region is well on its way to restoration. The locals, instructed by scientific method, enacted a system which enabled the Loess Plateau to be stabilized with trees, shrubbery, and grass that contribute to sustenance. In terms of rising population, the ability to turn desert land in to arable land is essential not just for China, but for the world’s population which is growing at an exponential rate. The proven methods utilized in the Loess Plateau are just another example that this epoch is truly one of mankind.



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