Prediction of extinction

Earth is incomprehensibly large to most men. In a sense, that is a contributing factor to life insofar as the incomprehensible size of the earth producing a seemingly unlimited abundance of variety of many resources. What happens when that abundance expires? Mark Whitehead writes “cities channel the flows of capital investment, housing construction and the production of goods alongside the flow of environmental resources such as air, water, foodstuffs, minerals and energy.” (109) Naturally, water and arable land are necessary for any large scale urbanization but even as large as the Earth is, it’s resources are limited. Moreover, building closer to these resources enables utilization at a far higher rate which results in more economic growth which results in population growth which results in increased rate of consumption of natural resources. provides us with an idea of human consumption of these resources and the corresponding effects. According to the website oil, natural gas, and coal will have all expired in roughly 400 years. In the mean time CO2 emissions will continue to pour into the atmosphere by the trillions of tons per month.

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