Sustainable Community

Mark Whitehead submits three areas which are concerned with Environmental Geography; “spatial relations, spatial locations and spatial systems.”

Sustainable community (spatial system) is a relatively new idea that essentially proposes outsourcing dirty work so that filth doesn’t accumulate in the immediate vicinity of daily living. The main idea is to head toward the future trying to adopt a more environment friendly lifestyle in one place (spatial location). The main problem with this ideal is that some necessary’s for living will come from other economies. Naturally, the displacement of production (spatial relations) will cause these other economies to explode, effectively increasing environmentally harmful emissions. I suppose that so long as it is not our problem, it is not a problem.. While the ideology seems to have roots in a respectable intention, preserving the natural, our current civilization does not yet possess the technology needed to give any real attention to the concept of sustainability in general. The very first necessary step which is required for this ideal to be considered is a clean, cheap, and efficient method of energy production so that no interdependence is required to sustain this ‘sustainable community’.


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