The call for socialized free-market

Market drives production. Many large corporate companies, such as Wal-Mart, have little regard for the source of the materials they acquire. For these companies, such information is useless. Whitehead provides us with an example of Wal-Mart selling baby cribs made from wood that was sourced in Russia and corollary with very high rates of illegal logging practices. Usually, these companies float under the radar for a few years benefiting from low cost materials due to their illegal acquisition. Then suddenly a media group picks up the story and these large corporate entities claim no knowledge of the environmental crimes that they are promoting by ‘unknowingly’ purchasing illegally acquired materials. Vimeo demonstrates the results of these loose moral principles in a video that highlights mankind’s contribution to endangerment of certain species.

The video calls for harsher punishments for the individuals poaching these animals but the problem is still that market drives production. To eliminate this problem, we must eliminate its market.

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